Finnish Foundation of Veterinary Research

The purpose of the Finnish Foundation of Veterinary Research is to support and advance the following aims in Finland: veterinary research, practical veterinary work, and national health sciences performed by a veterinarian.

The Foundation was established in 1966, when the Finnish veterinary association donated the core funds from its scientific fund and Greta and Werner Heinonen-fund aimed for veterinary research. 

History of Foundation during years 1996-2016

Contact person:

Tarja Luolavuo
tel. 0406539139

Each year grants will be awarded as research and travel grants. Travel grants are given to persons who participate in a scientific meeting and present there a presentation or a poster of their research. Times for application are published in the www-site and also in the Finnish Veterinary Journal.

Applications must be submitted via the online grant application service by the end of the application period. Please, read also the guidelines on how to fill in the application. The electronic application must be sent electronically to the foundation.

Grant application must be submitted latest by deadline.

Travel grants are aimed for persons who present a report or poster of their work in a scientific meeting. Applications must be submitted by deadline.

In autumn, both research and travel grants are awarded. In spring only travel grants.