Application for grant

Research and travel grant applications

Most grants are awarded to private persons and working groups, including full-year grants or partial funding for larger projects. Personal research grants can also be applied for by persons currently in an employment relationship related to research (e.g. doctoral candidates, temporarily employed post-docs or applicants involved in other research work). In this case the applicant must state their gross salary to which an additional remuneration is applied for. Personal grants are awarded for a maximum period of one year at a time, and their amounts will not exceed the amount corresponding to an artist grant per month. Grants will also be awarded for material and laboratory expenses or other research-related expenses. For multi-year projects, the material and equipment costs for a maximum period of one year will be stated on the application. No grants are awarded for printing costs and computer or equipment procurements.

Taxation legislation requires that the foundation issues a notice of paid grants, despite the fact that grants are tax-free up to amounts corresponding to state-issued artist grants (2020:23 269,80 euros/year). Legally mandated MYEL insurance payments, totalling approximately 15 % of the working grant, are included in grants awarded for scientific work that lasts for at least four months.

Travel grants are given primarly for person participating in research congress and presenting an abstact or a poster.

Pursuant to the Foundations Act of 2015, all foundations must in their annual report specify any financial activities engaged in with their related parties. The Finnish Foundation of Veterinary Research requires all applicants to specify whether they are a related party to the foundation. The concept of related party is defined in instructions for grant applications.